In this article, Aditya, our CRM Product consultant from Spikra, guides us through the step by step process on how to manage your approval process using blueprint.

The scenario

Let’s consider a business process of ABC Cosmetic Private Ltd. They share samples to their customers and they want to capture information related to samples under their customer record before they agree to share a PO. This PO needs to be captured along with the amount expected and then sent to Management’s approval.

Here’s how we can achieve it?

Blueprints to define the entire process to capture the Approval/Rejection of the record. 

  • Go to Setup > Process Management > Blueprint/ Approval Processes  
  • BLUEPRINT:  Click Create Blueprint > Select module > Choose Layout > Choose a field (dropdown)> Define Criteria (optional) 
  • Approval Process

Click Add Approval Process >> Select Module >> Select When to Execute (On Edit) >> Set Rule Criteria (Should trigger based on a field value. 

Same field should’ve been used to configure the Blueprint) >> Select the Approver >> Set Action on Approval and Rejection 

  • So, blueprint should end on the approval trigger (“Awaiting Approval”). This would initiate the approval process i.e., the transition should direct to an exit stage, no further transitions to follow.

Here, it is in action

But what happens if the record is rejected and we want the user to follow a different process on rejection?


  • Second blueprint, to handle rejection flow 
  • A field to trigger the second blueprint  

Steps captured as screenshot

On Rejection, the record would still be in approval process  

  1. Click on Resubmit to get the record out of Approval Process  
    • No other approval process should exist with triggers matching any record values 
    • The Record would come out of the Approval Process (Pop Up showing the following message: “This record resubmission has unlocked the approval request” )
  2. Select the checkbox/ field we have created to trigger the second blueprint 

Here, it is in action