Spikra implemented my request expeditiously, accurately and completely.  

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Boundless Adventures is a builder and operator of aerial adventure parks. An aerial adventure park is comprised of climbing trails, which consist of several platforms in the trees, attached through a series of elements. An element can be a zip line, a tight rope, a wobbly bridge, or any other challenging mechanism to get from one tree to the next.

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I hired Spikra through their relationship with our CRM system to customize a customer interface.  I was leery to deal with an overseas company without having spoken to anyone first.  My trepidations proved completely unjustified.  The team implemented my request expeditiously, accurately and completely.  They then arranged a video conferencing with the director of the company, Ramesh Kumar, to answer any and all questions.  After the job was done and paid for, our CRM system made an adjustment that caused a glitch in what Spikra had set up for us.  Despite the fact that it was not Spikra’s responsibility, they responded immediately, performed some troubleshooting, and resolved the problem immediately.  They are quick to respond, and I trust implicitly what they recommend.  They are a top notch organization and words cannot express fully how impressed I am with everything that they do.  You will not go wrong if you choose to work with them.
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