Time is limited, but not money. StoryDriven saves a lot of time using Zoho CRM’s automation.

About StoryDriven


StoryDriven is a full-service video production company based out of Brisbane, Australia. They  help businesses distil and unleash their message with video.

Every business has a story. StoryDriven leverage that story to build connections at scale with their audience, by using video as a marketing tool. The most effective way of understanding something is through visualisation. A video that captures the true essence of your business will familiarise your ideal customer with everything about you before they’ve even met you. Which is why they focus on building your brand story around your business and your ideal customer. StoryDriven tie your unique story with your business’ unique selling points to create powerful video messages that move people into taking action and then integrate these videos into your existing sales processes to help you scale.

The experience with Spikra


The Success Story


Spikra team were able to create a bespoke solutions to StoryDriven Video by customizing Zoho CRM. Now, they  able to engage and build relationships with their customers in much better way using automation.

The team was able to automate a lot of their process and it helped me save time. The team values time more valuable than money and with help of automation in Zoho CRM they were able to save a lot of time.

StoryDriven recommends to anyone who runs a small business who value the productivity of your employees, then they highly recommend Spikra!


StoryDrive Testimonial

Media Production

Company Size

1-5 Employees


Brisbane, Australia

Solutions Considered


Highlights working with Spikra


Above and beyond Support

Value for Money

Spikra’s team went above and beyond and made changes in Zoho CRM that added more value to the product which I never thought was possible.

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