Like most startups, Spikra also started with an idea. The idea to do something unique, something different yet of value to growing enterprises. Even before we knew, that idea had possessed our minds making us brainstorm to make it a reality at the earliest. 

What used to be casual chats about our everyday lives now turned into whiteboard sessions where technical workflows, business development and future plans were charted. As a small team of tech-inspired individuals, we wanted to rub shoulders with the giants who are moving the digital landscape. 

That is how the idea to shake hands with Zoho as an authorized partner took form. Some of the founding members had also worked with Zoho before making it a rather easy choice.

Three months after the casual occurrence of the idea the company was officially registered. Another two months later, we inked the deal with Zoho becoming its authorized partner for tech services. Our forte – chatbot development, sales process automation, and product support also matched perfectly with Zoho’s offerings.

Today, we are a growing team of tech professionals who are helping small, medium and large-scale enterprises ramp up their operations with the power of IT. Our order book is 25 clients strong and is growing at a dizzying pace. This is our story so far and it shall grow all the way up North in the days to come.