Spikra turns two next week(Dec 17th,2020)

I started as a Solopreneur two years back. Now, Spikra is a team of 11 🙂

Till the night the before I applied for Zoho partnership interview,  I kept saying my dad about my dreams of running a company. I was too excited.

He kept saying, “you dream too much, let’s see if you can clear the interview first” (Typical Indian parent!)

It felt hurt but fueled my passion.

I cleared the interview, called him and gently told that I did get the partnership.

He said “Congrats, all required documents are on the table. Please sign them, we need to send it for company incorporation  asap. Have your lunch soon, see you evening”.

He has done all the homework since the day I opened the topic to him!

I still can’t forget that goosebumps moment and the confidence he had on me. It was a surprise and i felt gifted.

From that day, he hasn’t turned back even a bit.

The year 2020 was all about mistakes learnings!

Mistakes were more than achievements. But glad that we encountered all these in a very early stage of the company.

Spikra stands firm during this tough pandemic situation. It has not been easy especially when the global economy took a hit due to COVID-19. Challenges were actually an opportunity. We found new ways to grow.

The talent I onboarded first will complete his second year soon. Nine more people trusted in Spikra investing their career this year. Thanks team for believing in Spikra’s vision and mission. I shall ever remain indebted to the contributions of my team.

Team Spikra is grateful to our clients who trusted in us to help them provide great services. Their demands, challenges and feedbacks have pushed us to go ahead and improve vigorously. 

From working for Zoho to working with Zoho, it has been an incredible journey.  Zoho has built a great platform for business of all sizes. And, they have trusted partners like us to help deploy this awesome solution to every corner of the world. Thank you @Zoho.

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Cheers to 2020 and we are all  buckled up for the next round of roller coaster.

Happy Birthday, Spikra 🙂

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