It all started with a Spark. Now, Spikra is a six-member team. And, YES we moved to a new office today. YAAY!

The start

Being a customer & product enthusiast, I have consulted many clients to help them gain value from the various products I worked for. After every sale, I move onto the next client assuming the job was done. 

In reality, it was never the case. A few followups with my client’s proved me wrong. The customer struggled to see the promised value. Poor onboarding, bad support or internal conflicts within the customer’s organization didn’t help them reach where they envisioned. 

That was the minute, the spark was triggered. I jumped onto the field to help the clients by offering a service that will take care of their entire journey. To support the customers and chase my dream, I quit the job and ventured into my own business with one vision – Customer Success by delivering the value that was visioned by them. 

Spikra was born on 17th Dec 2018. We signed up a partnership with Zoho on 19th March 2019.

Why partner with Zoho? 

It is a one-stop solution for Small and Medium businesses. Clients need not juggle between multiple solutions and pay a hefty price for solution integration. As a partner, the main focus was to help them seamlessly integrate the workflow across the various offerings from Zoho. To know more about Spikra’s offering, visit our website (

When the business started, I did struggle and went through frustrations of my own. With the never say attitude and customer experience as a primary objective, I kept moving on to help the Customer Succeed.

Within 8 months, the customer base has touched 40+

The Expansion

In parallel, Spikra grew from a single employee to 6 member team. During the hiring process, I had to train myself with people management and leadership skills which weren’t my natural ability. Still pushing hard to expand my capabilities. 

The hiring process was a difficult experience. And, I will save that story for another time. 

All this time, we operated from my 300 sq ft home. Space cramped as the count increased. It was time for us to stretch and expand. Finally, we had found our new nest on Jan 20th, 2020.

Though it is not a great achievement, it is a milestone & a moment for me to cherish forever.