Zobot™ is a highly customizable, integrable and versatile that can turn around the fortunes of your business.

Give your business the power of Zobot

Many Features, few lines of code

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With ZobotTM you can build a chatbot with minimal lines of code. With deeply programmable elements, you can easily create a feature-rich chatbot that can respond to user queries dynamically

Custom chatbot builder

ZobotTM lets you build a chatbot the way you want it for any industry and for any function. You do not need any technical background or engineering expertise to build the chatbot. ZobotTM offers a WYSIWYG editor that lets you build a complete chatbot just by dragging and dropping widgets.

Scale your business, not your costs

With ZobotTM you can build a chatbot that can do more than just serving canned responses. Rest assured, you don’t have to burn $$$ or hiring and training more resources. Let the chatbot do it all.


Live Chat

Engage with your website visitors round the clock without demanding the presence of live agents. Let a chatbot take care of the initial small talk.


Maximize first contact resolutions by enabling customers to seek and find information with an Artificially Intelligent chatbot.                                   

Process Automation

Reduce process delays, manual errors and dependencies by automating repetitive tasks into rule-based activities that a chatbot can perform.

Customer Support

Be there for your customers anytime and all the time with chatbots embedded with single/mult-select options, maps, help cards and much more.

Take the right step forward

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