Your sales team needs to fetch the right data at the right time with minimal effort. Count on Zoho CRM for that.

The most feature-rich CRM you will ever have

Zoho CRM has an endless list of features that makes it the first-choice for more than 150,000
businesses across 80+ countries.

Omni-channel customer connect

Connect with customers across all channels of contact including phone, email, chat and social. All the interactions that you hold with customers will be notified with real-time notifications.

Blaze ahead with automation

Save time, cut down errors and perfect processes with CRM automation. Spend more time nurturing leads and attending to customer while automation takes care of repetitive tasks with pre-programmed

Zoho CRM Benefits

Zoho CRM offers a wide range of benefits, most of which related to closing more sales and attracting more customers.

Process Management

Create a standardized process that is attuned to your sales strategy. The CRM system can ensure uniform adoption of the process across the sales team.

Sales Force Automation

With automation, your salesforce can spend more time on activities and processes that demand their personal attention.                                    


Know every byte of your CRM data with metrics like activity stats, deal insights, email analytics, target meters and customizable reports.


Predictive Sales

With ZIA, the conversational sales assistant you can know how your sales activities will conclude and take proactive measures to curb sales anomalies.

Omnichannel connect

Reach customers through any channel that they use and drive contextual information with centralized information.


Marketing Automation

Maximize the RoI for your effort with marketing automation that takes care of running campaigns and
passing leads to sales teams

Developer platform

Want to add some of your data charm to the CRM? Do that right with Zoho CRM’s low-code and pro-code tools for automation and integration.


Take the right step forward 

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