Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clunky software. Manage your employee lifecycle better with Zoho People, the integrated employee experience platform.

Find, manage & retain talent 

Deliver a delightful employee experience with Zoho People + 

Have a single source of truth for your HR operations. No more silos or broken workflows

Easily Customizable

Zoho People+ is designed to be customized seamlessly to meet the unique business requirements of diverse size and type of businesses.

Employee onboarding

Streamline your candidate sourcing,interview scheduling, feedback collection and offer letter
management with a single unified portal.


End-to-end employee management

Right from day one until the last day of service, cater to the several needs of the employee without the clutter of multiple portals, processes or people.

Artificially Intelligent

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate routine tasks, create approval bots, and to maximize productivity in resource.


Full lifecycle employee management

With Zoho People +, you can empower your recruiters to deliver a superior employee experience. It will also deliver a smooth HR service experience by simplifying the process for travel requests, internal collaboration, resource requirements, helpdesk support and much more.

Take the right step forward

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